Montreal Hosting A Pit Bull Festival

True story: I actually love pit bulls. My mother has two of them, and although at first I was pretty apprehensive (not going to lie to you guys), I quickly grew to love them and learn about the true, adorable nature of the pit bull.

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Which is one of the many reasons why I'm super excited for an event coming up in the city, hosted by Montreal's Le Doggy Cafe (4493 Avenue Papineau).

On February 5 at noon, Le Doggy Cafe will be celebrating their second anniversary by hosting a pit bull party.

They'll have Quebec "Pit Bull" merchandise available, as well as raffles. The people behind the Quebec "Pit Bull" movement (which aims to spread awareness against BSL, or breed specific legislation) will also be there.

All proceeds go to purchasing supplies for dogs in Quebec shelters and rescues; they'll also have a donation box, in case you want to donate to the cause, too.

Of course, humans and dogs are welcome to join the party, as long as everyone respects the rules and instructions of the cafe.

Sounds like the most fun party you could possibly go to? Then check out the event on Facebook for more information.