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Montreal Hosting "Gourmet Street Food" Festival This Weekend

Fancy eats and delicious treats!
Montreal Hosting "Gourmet Street Food" Festival This Weekend

Montreal sure does host some pretty insane food festivals throughout the year, but I bet you never heard of a gourmet street food festival. Well, lucky or us Montrealers there will be a gourmet food festival this weekend all along Mont-Royal street this September 16th – September 17th!

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It is the 6th edition of what is called the Avenue Gourmande (Gourmet Avenue) and it is a weekend full of flavors and discovering new restaurants in Montreal. There will be FREE samples so you can taste a bit from every participating restaurant!

Image may contain: plant, text and natureVia L'Avenue gourmande 2017

This insane gourmet food festival will be held on L'Avenue du Mont-Royal and will include products from Quebec farmers and producers, free samples, and fixed gourmet menus from a variety of restaurants at a fair price!

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There will even be a HUGE food tent located in front of Mont-Royal Metro that will have some great activities, music, and of course food! All food will be authentic and absolutely delicious.


Participating Restaurants: 

1. ROMÉO (285, AV. DU MONT-ROYAL EST /514 987-6636)

  • Menu à 35 $. Menu à venir 

2. PINTXO (330, AV. DU MONT-ROYAL EST /514 844-0222)

  • Menu à 35 $.  Découvrez le menu ici

3. SOUPESOUP (844, AV. DU MONT-ROYAL EST /514 522-3535)

  • Brunch à 15 $. Samedi et dimanche de 10 h à 15 h. Découvrez le menu ici 

4. PIZZÉDÉLIC (1250, AV. DU MONT-ROYAL EST /514 522-2286)

  • Menu à 25 $. Menu à venir 

5. CHEZ VICTOIRE (1453, AV. DU MONT-ROYAL EST / 514 521-6789)

  • Menu à 35 $. Du 14 au 16 septembre uniquement. Découvrez le menu ici 

6. LES HÉRITIERS (1915, AV. DU MONT-ROYAL EST / 514 528-4953)

  • Menu à 35 $. Découvrez le menu  ici 

7. AUX ÎLES À SUCRE (2222, AV. DU MONT-ROYALEST / 514 525-2220)

  • Menu à 25 $. Découvrez le menu ici 


  • Menu à 35 $. Brunch à 15 $. Uniquement le dimanche. Menu à venir 

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For More Info.

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