Montreal Hosting Massive Scottish Festival This August

Come celebrate their food, culture, and music.
Montreal Hosting Massive Scottish Festival This August

The Montreal Highland Games are back for their 40th edition and they have returned to their old stomping ground at the Douglas Hospital. 

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You can look forward to lots of awesome tradition events like highland dancing, the 5km Caledonian Run, Tug of War, incredible feats of strength like the world famous Caber Toss and lots of other cool events.

However, if those aren't your thing, you can still bask in the rich culture of Scotland through traditional music and food that will be there as well

The Games themselves will start on August the 6th but festivities begin as early as the 3rd with the Caber Parade that will take over the streets Verdun.

We'll be keeping you updated with everything you need to know about the 40th anniversary festivities as more details are released.

For more information check out their website here, for tickets to the events you can check it out here