Montreal In 1955 Shown To Us In 3D

The city like you wish you could've seen it.
Montreal In 1955 Shown To Us In 3D

I'm going to try to make up the gist of this as quickly as possible, because you absolutely MUST see this video asap. We've seen Montreal in many forms through the magic of photographs. Parc Lafontaine in the 70's, Little Burgundy in the 60's, and Sainte Catherine's Street all the way back to 1916. We all love a good throwback that we weren't there to witness for ourselves.

But this guy has taken this concept to a whole new level. Vimeo user, Dom has created a way to experience Montreal in 1955. In 3D! An ambitious personal project he created for his mom (which is so fvcking cute btw), this artist has captured the essence of Montreal from over 60 years ago, through the magic of remastered photos.

I'm not going to even try to explain the technical aspect because I'm really not savvy with that kind of business. So I'm just going to let you experience this feel good video for yourself, enjoy friends!

Montreal 1955 UDK from Dom on Vimeo.

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