Montreal In Colour

The Montreal chapter of Michael Bakouch's photography series.
Montreal In Colour

Montreal is such a vibrant city, full of so many different colours and striking details, but nowadays we only see the city's beauty through an Instagram filter. Rather than look with our eyes, people are more obsessed with seeing the city through a lens or screen, thus distorting the original and natural beauty of Montreal.

Some people think technological filters make things look better. Montreal photographer Michaël Bakouch does not agree.

In his photography project "The World Around Us," Bakouch aims to point out the way in which media distorts our perception of reality. The project is in seven parts, with the first chapter titled 'Another Look at Montreal.' Click here for all the details on the entire project (and how you can see the exhibition in person), and look below for the "MTL in Colour'"section of the Montreal chapter of "The World Around Us."

See more of "Another Look At Montreal" here

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