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Montreal In Fall, A Collection Of Vibrant And Colourful Pictures From Around The City

Fall photos from Montreal based photographer Martin New.
Montreal In Fall, A Collection Of Vibrant And Colourful Pictures From Around The City

Fall is a magical time in Montreal. Leaves change while buildings and concrete stay the same, creating a contrast of colours and natural and artificial constructs. Montreal photographer Martin New has taken it upon himself to photograph our fair city everyday, in a photo series titled 'Montreal du Jour' taken from his own website Montreal in Pictures, and compiled on Spacing Montreal.

New's goal is to photograph the city all year round, but his many photos from late September until now have captured the beauty of Montreal in Autumn. Here are some of the best photos of Montreal in Fall, all taken by Martin New.

Parc La Fontaine in late afternoon autumn light

October 29

Autumn Alley in Le Plateau

October 28 2013

Montreal skyline from the Jacques Cartier pier

October 23 2013

Habitat 67

October 22 2013

Reflections of the Montreal skyline

October 22 2013

AIDAbella Cruise Ship and grain silo 5 (from Old Port)

October 22 2013

The Crystal Symphony Cruise Ship

October 22 2013

Japanese Garden at the Montréal Botanical Garden

October 17 2013

Parc Maisonneuve

October 17 2013

Royal Victoria Hospital

October 17 2013

Gardens of Light at the Montreal Botanical Garden

October 17 2013

Autumn colors on Mount Royal

October 13 2013

Lac aux Castors

October 7 2013

Montreal skyline from île Sainte-Hélène

October 3 2013

Photographer: Martin New at Montreal in Pictures


October 3 2013

Avenue McGill College

September 27 2013

Parc La Fontaine

September 28 2013

Sunset on Mount Royal

September 24 2013

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