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Montreal Installs All-New Espresso Machine STM Bus Shelters Downtown

A city where coffee extends further than just drinking it.
Montreal Installs All-New Espresso Machine STM Bus Shelters Downtown

A coffee while you wait for the morning bus would be the most magical of gifts, and would ease your ire if the bus is late, if only you could get coffee inside a bus shelter. Nespresso's new ad campgiagn, which have transformed Montreal's downtown bus shelters into espresso machines, doesn't give you coffee, but it's the next best thing...sorta.

Three downtown bus shelters have been outfitted with Nespresso additions, making them look like gigantic coffee machines ready to pour out some much needed caffeine. Unfortunately, they're just for show. Still, its a nice nod to all the coffee addicts in the city.

The ad campaign is a combo effort between marketing firm Marketel and Nespresso, launched in an effort to advertise the new VertuoLine machine. If free coffee was actually given out by these espresso-bus shelters, that'd be quite the awesome marketing technique, but even still, the just-for-show shelters are working, with more than a few Montreal's tweeting/instagramming about the Nespresso bus stops.

Take a gander at the promo trailer and some photos below:

Have you spotted these?

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