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Montreal International Bacon Day 2014

Yes, a party devoted to bacon. Commence excited freak-out.
Montreal International Bacon Day 2014

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For the first time ever, the city of Montreal is formally recognizing the awesomeness that is bacon with the inaugural celebration of International Bacon Day on August 27th. A party in honour of everyone's favourite pork product, Montreal's Bacon Day is the food-fest we've been waiting all of our lives for, at least to prove we're not the only folks obsessed with bacon.

Going down on Wednesday, August 27th at La Guilde Culinaire on St. Laurent (map), this will be the very first time an official Bacon Day celebration has occured in Montreal, and all of Quebec. Organizers for Bacon Day tipped us off about the event, and we obiouvsly lost our shit, because y'all know we love bacon, and so does all of Montreal.

You can expect all sorts of bacon-tastic foods to be making mouths salivate during the Bacon Day party, with professional Montreal chefs (like chef + owner of Pas d’cochon dans mon salon) crafting all the bacon-eats, along with beer and bacon pairings, all kinds of bacon products, and other randomly bacon-ized goods, like a sweater infused with the scent of bacon. Don't act like you wouldn't wear that to bed every single night of your life.

Unfortunately, this isn't an event open to the entire public, as its VIP only. But wait! There is a shining ray of hope for us normal folk, as Le Porc du Quebec is holding a contest where 20 lucky people will gain entrance into the Bacon Day celebrations. Ongoing 'til August 22nd, you can find all the details on the FB page here.

Will we finally get to eat aNutella & Bacon Stuffed French Toast, Bacon-Onion Rings, Bacon-French Fries, Mashed Potato Bacon Bombs, or one of the many other bacon-based foodgasms we've had over the year? We're on our knees praying.

Quebec and Montreal's first Bacon Day party will start at 6pm on Wednesday, August 27th at La Guilde Culinaire. Bacon lovers, aka everyone, won't want to miss this. Head over to La Guilde Culinaire's website for updates and info.

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