Montreal Is About To Endorse A Nationwide Ban On Handguns

This would be a radical step.
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Montreal Is About To Endorse A Nationwide Ban On Handguns

Canada is experiencing a spike in violent crime unlike anything it has ever experienced.

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In Toronto, alone, the number of gun-related deaths is 30% higher this year than it was by this time last year. 

Two mass shootings, in Toronto and Fredericton, have also brought the issue to the forefront of Canadian public discourse.

Canadians are unaccustomed to such violence. While the United States deals with almost weekly mass shootings, Canada has laws that are heralded as a safe alternative to the liberal gun policies championed by American conservatives.

Now it seems Canada is poised to take even more extreme measures against guns. 

The city council in Toronto has already endorsed a nationwide ban on handguns. Montreal is set to follow suit.

According to The Globe And Mail, the Montreal city council will likely vote in favour of a motion to ask the federal government to introduce such a ban, which Trudeau has signalled he is exploring.

Polls indicated broad support, especially in urban areas, for a handgun ban. The move will likely be somewhat contentious in more rural ridings, but general nationwide backing may mean it could easily pass through parliament.

Legal handguns, of course, are only part of the issue. Many of the guns used in violent crime are bought illegally. Others are smuggled in from the United States.

Nonetheless, a handgun ban would be a critical step toward reducing the current surge in violence.


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Senior Editor
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