Montreal Is About To Have A Huge Tattoo Convention

The perfect excuse to get another tattoo!
Montreal Is About To Have A Huge Tattoo Convention

Think of any kind of festival or convention ever and there's a pretty good chance Montreal has hosted it at least some point. Seriously, our city is known for amazing attractions and holding some of the best events not only in the province, but in the entire country.

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There's an event for everyone, no matter what your interests are or what you might want to celebrate, you'll definitely find it here. The next big event on our radar is for anyone who has a passion for or fascination with tattoos, or even has a few they want to show off them self.

You'll finally have the chance to attend Montreal's Tattoo Convention, and the wait is almost over!

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Expect to see some of the most insanely-detailed and otherworldly tattoos ever at the Art Tattoo Montreal. Artists from around the world are coming together to attend the event, give insight and wisdom about the industry, and of course do some of the most incredible tatts ever.

Over 200 artists will be at the convention, showcasing different styles and offering hundreds of flashes available for tattoo enthusiasts to get done. Not really in the mood to get a tattoo? No worries, each vendor will also be selling their own merchandise such as clothes, jewellery, books, and even taxidermy.

The Art Tattoo Montreal convention begins on September 7 and runs until September 9. A single-day admission ticket is $20, but if you want to attend all three days you get a pretty sweet discount of $50 for a weekend ticket. 

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So, if you're in Montreal and love tattoos or even just finally decided you're ready to get one, there's nowhere else to be other than at the upcoming tattoo convention. After getting to meet with all of the artists and delve into the fun atmosphere of all things tattoos, you'll wish the weekend never had to end.

For more information and to purchase your ticket for Art Tattoo Montreal, click HERE.

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