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This Is The Exact Date Montreal Will Be Banning Plastic Bags, FOREVER!!!

Get 'em before they're gone.
This Is The Exact Date Montreal Will Be Banning Plastic Bags, FOREVER!!!

A couple of months ago, the plan to ban plastic bags in Montreal was likely, but no one could say anything for sure. Right now, it looks like the prohibition of all single-use plastic bags is all but guaranteed, if Montreal's mayor Denis Coderre has anything to say about it.

Confirming that Montreal is set on the path to ban plastic bags, Coderre announced yesterday that the city will be adopting a new bylaw in the coming months that would outright prohibit plastic shopping bags in the city.

In the mayor's timeline, the city will be officially plastic bag-free by January 1st, 2018.

The plastic sack prohibition will also include oxo biodegradable and biodegradable bags.

Those smaller, thinner plastic bags used for meat products, as well as carrying fruits and vegetables, will not be affected by the new bylaw, and will be entirely allowed. The same goes for any shopping bags thicker than 50 microns, as they're far more reusable.

Despite some obvious logistical issues and some dissension from particular parties (mainly the Canadian Plastics Industry Association and companies in Montreal who make plastic bags, go figure) Coderre is pretty confident the ban will prove successful in the city. In Coderre's words, "We will work out" where other cities may have failed to do the same.

Hopefully the city's mayor is right, or at least things go a bit more smoothly for us than it has been for Brossard, the last city to impose a ban on plastic bags. Right now they're going through some legal woes with the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, who obviously weren't pleased with the city's decision.

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