Montreal Is Being Invaded By Rabid Racoons

Warning, do not touch the traps.
Montreal Is Being Invaded By Rabid Racoons

A few years ago, there was an inflation of raccoon rabies here in Montreal. The provincial government of Québec has since taken control to fight and prevent this issue by establishing an action plan. 

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There have been less cases since this plan was first developed in 2006, however, there are still cases being detected.

Meaning this is definitely still an issue, especially since there are cases right across the border in the United States, where these creatures can easily cross over into Québec. 

The provincial government has therefore amped up the plan to include control and surveillance operations. 

What this new plan includes:

Control operations- in which vaccines were air dropped, and manually spread in Montérégie and on the island of Montréal. 

Enhanced surveillance- area included 143 municipalities and Aboriginal and unorganized territories, 107 in the Montérégie region and 36 in the Estrie region.

During August 27 and 31, 2018, Montreal will be holding a special control operation where vaccine drops will be made across the Island.  

If you see a trap do not touch it and if locate a raccoon and you think it might be infected with rabies here is what you should be looking for: 

  • They have trouble walking or are walking in circles. 
  • They seem disoriented, confused, acting slow. 
  • They are making strange or bizarre noises. 
  • They are foaming at the mouth. 

Check out this video to see what a rabid raccoon looks like:


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