Montreal Is Being Invaded By Squirrels And They're Destroying The City

Don't be fooled by their cuteness.
Montreal Is Being Invaded By Squirrels And  They're Destroying The City

Cute, furry, and emblematic of Montreal, squirrels are a much-adored furry inhabitant of this fair city. 

But squirrels don't share the same fondness towards Montrealers.

More and more squirrels are damaging property, attacking wiring, and effectively becoming a major problem for residents of Montreal.  

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Case in point: Francine Paradis, who, speaking to Radio-Canada, tells of a cautionary tale about the squirrels of Montreal. 

When getting into her car one day, Paradis experienced some engine trouble. So, Paradis took her car into the dealership, only to find her car's electrical wiring destroyed by a furry critter. 

Squirrels were definitely the culprit, causing $9000 worth of repairs to the car. 

Apparently, squirrels enjoy chewing on the electrical wiring found in cars, according to Patrick Durocher, owner of Déprédateur Urbain, a Quebec-based exterminator service. 

Squirrels will basically chew on wiring just for the fun of it, or damage the structures of houses by crawling through them. 

Sometimes, the damage done by squirrels can reach up to $15,000, as was the case for one client of Déprédateur Urbain.

Déprédateur Urbain gets a lot more calls for squirrel-based problems than before, up to ten every week. 

So what's prompting this invasion of property-destroying squirrels? 

Climate change, apparently. 

That is, at least, what a veterinarian working at the Biodôme hypothesizes. 

Thanks to the warmer weather now experienced during the fall season, the vet told Radio-Canada, squirrels can now have a second litter of babies. 

Add in a lack of predators in the city and the fact that Montrealers readily feed squirrels all the time and you have a recipe for some squirrel-y overpopulation. 

More squirrels sounds good on paper, but in practice, the little guys are becoming a problem in Montreal, effectively destroying cars and houses. 

So the next time you see an adorable squirrel run up to you at the park, sniffing for some of that bread you're snacking on, don't give in to it's disarming cuteness. 

Remember that, right now, Montreal has something of a squirrel problem, and feeding the feisty, furry creatures will only add to the problem. 

Unless you come across the mythic albino squirrel, then definitely feed it. If not, the albino squirrel will curse you, because everyone knows its red eyes are portals to a fiery hell dimension. 

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