Montreal Is Building A $1.7 Billion Mega Mall

2.5 million square feet of shopping heaven.
Montreal Is Building A $1.7 Billion Mega Mall

It's official, the town of Mount Royal just unveiled their plan for a new $1.7 billion mega mall on the corner of highways 15 and 40. The project which was rumoured to be called the "Quinze40" is actually called "ROYALMOUNT" - which is better because now it won't seem like a crappy sequel to the existing Dix30.

Yes! They're finally building something in Montreal that isn't a condo! (a little more about that below)

The project will be much more than a mall, it will be a unique space that will set the new global standard of reconnecting people and creating memories. ROYALMOUNT offers access to art, entertainment and a massive variety of goods and services in a multifunctional environment.

The mall will feature a rooftop green space, an outdoor cinema, an area for performing arts, a water-park (Holy shit, a water park?!), an indoor skating rink, 2 hotels, office towers, restaurants, terraces and 8,000 free parking spaces.

If you think you know all there is to know about condo projects in our city, you must check out: DON'T BUY CONDOS IN MONTREAL TILL YOU READ THIS CASE STUDY!

The project is set to create 15,000 jobs and is aimed to encourage Montrealers to stay on the island to do their shopping which makes it sound like the plot of a bad horror movie. You're staying on this island ... forever!


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