Montreal Is Building A 1km Long Public Terrasse On Saint-Denis Street This Summer

The longest ever installed in Montreal.
Montreal Is Building A 1km Long Public Terrasse On Saint-Denis Street This Summer

In an effort to help the citizens of Montreal rediscover the awesomeness of Saint-Denis Street, the city of Montreal is planning on installing a public terrasse that would span an entire kilometer. A lot of construction work is supposed to be done on Saint-Denis this summer and the plan is to increase pedestrian traffic in the area in order to revitalize the street and benefit local businesses before the work begins.

The project has been named "La Grande Terrasse Rouge" so we can only assume it's going to be red, unless the city of Montreal is just really bad at coming up with names. It will span the entire length of the East side of Saint-Denis between Roy and Mount-Royal.

The terrasse will be the longest ever installed in Montreal. It will feature tables and chairs that will be available to the public as well as large decorative lettered banners reminiscent of the pink balls in the gay village. Even construction cones will be replaced with more esthetically pleasing alternatives in order to beautify the street rather than turning it into a giant eye sore.

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