Montreal Is Building An All-New $1,2 Billion Mega Mall

You'll literally shop until you drop.
Montreal Is Building An All-New $1,2 Billion Mega Mall

A new $1.2 billion building project is underway in Montreal.

It's a new "quartier" that will be build on the corner of highways 10 and 30.

I know what you're thinking, a "quartier" near highway "dix" and "trente", don't we already have a similar project called ... Quartier Dix30?

We do, and I assure you this is an entirely new project that will located just across the street from the existing Dix30.

But it's not just a mall. It is the neighborhood of the future!

The new quartier will have:

  • Residential sector
  • Business hub
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Terrasses
  • Hotel
  • Parks
  • Public spaces
  • And even a mall

The project also aims to incorporate Montreal's new Light Rail Train directly inside the residential area for easy access.

It's called Solar Uniquartier and the first phase of the sector is supposed to be completed by 2018.

The entire project is projected to be completed within 10 years.

Check out Devimco's website for more information.

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