Montreal Is Building An All-New "Super Tall" Lookout Tower In The Old Port

Big changes are coming.
Montreal Is Building An All-New "Super Tall" Lookout Tower In The Old Port

In a year's time, the Old Port of Montreal won't be recognizable thanks to a $78 million makeover that's planned for the area.

The multi-million dollar renovation plan, that focuses on upgrading the Alexandra Pier and Iberville passenger terminal, will be conducted over the next year, announced the Montreal Port Authority. It's purpose is to entice more cruise ship operators to add Montreal to their respective itineraries, reports CBC.

Of the $78 million bill, the Quebec government will fund $20 million, the City of Montreal is slated to provide $15 million, and the rest will be provided by the Montreal Port Authority themselves.

While getting more cruise ships to dock in Montreal isn't exactly exciting for most citizens of Montreal, the redevelopment plan will beautify the Old Port in some pretty cool ways.

Better access to the water for both pedestrians and boats will be a feature of the new pier, as will a year-round lookout on the roof of the planned station. By 2019, a modern spin on a lighthouse will also be built, which will provide Montrealers with even grander views of the city and the river.

But rather than read about the Old Port makeover, check out the video from the Montreal Port Authority below for a virtual tour of the project.

What do you think of the renovation?

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