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Montreal Is Building "Boat Hotels" In The Old Port

The most unique way to spend a night in the city.
Montreal Is Building "Boat Hotels" In The Old Port

Friends, raise your hand if you've ever wanted to spend the night on a boat. Wait, did you hear that? That's the sound barrier breaking at the speed of my hand raising so quickly.

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And if your ultimate goal is, like mine, to legit spend your life on a boat, then I've got some awesome news for you.

via @kathy.he

Very soon, you'll be able to spend the night on a boat in Montreal's Old Port, as part of a collaboration between the Old Port of Montreal, Parks Canada, and Eau-Logis.

You can chill on a classic wooden boat anchored at the basin of Silo 5 for about $175 a night starting May 16, according to the Old Port's official website .

via @mady.lamoureux

If boats aren't quite your thing, then no worries. You have the option of staying at a micro-chalet, or a cabin/tent hybrid called an oTENTik unit, all of which are located in the Old Port's Village Des Ecluses.

Either way, it sounds like this summer is going to be full of seriously cool ways to reconnect with nature while chilling in the Old Port.

Sounds like the coolest thing you've heard so far? Then check out the Village Des Ecluses official website for more information.

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