Montreal Is Building The Worlds Most Expensive Indoor Soccer Complex

Nice incentive to bring some World Cup 2026 games to the city.
Montreal Is Building The Worlds Most Expensive Indoor Soccer Complex

*Complexe Sportif Marie Victorin Pictured above

Montreal's newly planned indoor soccer center will be a blessing to all players who have beenneeded a facility to play the game, but will also be a huge burden on taxpayers. Set to be built by late this year, the estimated price to build the complex is already exceeding a whopping $50 million.

According to Larry Eldbridge, an expert with over 30 experience in the field, the price tag will make Montreal's soccer complex the most expensive in the world, as he told the Gazette.

To be built by the St. Michel Environmental Complex (map) the indoor soccer center will boast a giant field that will be able to host six teams at a time. Still, Eldbridge doesn't think this will be enough space to compensate for Montreal's 3 soccer leagues.

Despite the high projected cost for the project, a review board comprised of city council members believed the pricey plan (put fort by L.M.L. Paysagiste et Frères Inc) to be the best among several other bids. Quality of design was given precedence over price, so that's probably why the +$50 million price tag got the go ahead.

As of now, the soccer complex will cost $56.9 million, and that will likely increase to a not-so-cool $60 million, thanks to unaccounted for smaller projects (like road work) that will need to be done.

Personally, I think the project is probably going ahead with so much funding so  Montreal has a legit argument as to why the city should host the World Cup in 2016.

Is this too much money for a soccer complex?

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