Montreal Is Closing Off Saint-Laurent Street For A "BBQ Food Festival"

Ribs, pulled pork, brisket, sausages and more!

Quick question - is anyone here a fan of BBQ food? Sorry, that was a bit of a dumb question. Everyone's a fan of BBQ food. There's absolutely nothing at all to hate about smoky and tender ribs, moist and flavourful brisket, and crispy and juicy chicken.

If BBQ is your cuisine of choice, then have I got some great news for you. This year, from June 15 - 17, Saint-Laurent street will be hosting its second annual BBQ festival, Grill St. Laurent.

Grill St. Laurent, organized by Boulevard Saint-Laurent as part of Montreal's Mural festival 2016, is pretty much a haven for foodies everywhere. Why is that? Well, I'm glad you asked.

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Taking place right on the Main, ten of Saint-Laurent's most awesome restaurants will be participating in offering up brand new BBQ dishes, cooked on the grill and exclusively for this event, for $5 a plate.

Wondering what the participating restaurants are? No worries, friends. I've got you covered:

Sumi Dojo

Frite Alors!

McKibbin's Irish Pub



Diabols BBQ

Burrito Shop

Curry Mahal

Burger Royal

Main Deli Steakhouse

And, for a super unbeatable vibe, there'll be alcohol and music the whole time. The final day will even feature live guest DJs, who will help turn the whole thing into pretty much a giant block party.

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