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Montreal Is Creating 15,000 New Jobs

You will all be able to thank Royalmount for them.
Montreal Is Creating 15,000 New Jobs

There haven't been any cool building projects in Montreal lately. Sure we have the super hospital and condos that all look the same are popping up on every street corner, but I'm talking about building projects that make Montreal more awesome. (also, stop buying f--kin' condos) Well now we're getting a brand new mega mall and the best part of that is it will create 15,000 new jobs.

Not only will it create temporary construction jobs, but think of all the money that will be spent on building materials. And when the project is done, think of the staff required to run the mall. Every shop, every restaurant, the theater, the ice rink, the maintenance staff and that's just off the top off my head. Did I mention the mall is going to have 50 restaurants in addition to the food court? That's a lot of jobs.

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