Montreal Is Expecting Some Fantastic Weather This Week

Just in time for Spring
Montreal Is Expecting Some Fantastic Weather This Week

Good morning Montreal! Spring is only two days away and it feels like -13 with the wind-chill this morning, so it's understandable that most of us are getting rather impatience with the weather. 

The good news is that you won't have to wait much longer because Montreal is expecting some fantastic weather this week. And just in time for spring too!

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Monday and Tuesday are going to be cold and miserable, but starting Wednesday March 20th (the first day of spring!), the temperatures are going to jump significantly. 

We’re expecting between 5°C and 7°C on Wednesday, with more of the same throughout the week and by Sunday we'll be back up to 8°C!

Best of all, there’s also plenty of sunshine in the weather and none of those pesky wind gusts. 

So all we have to do is survive the next two days and before we know it, spring will have official arrived in Montreal. 

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Of course we're not as lucky as the people out West. This week they’re actually expecting a record breaking heat wave to hit

It might be too early to say that winter is officially in Montreal over since we do have a couple of flurries forecasted over the next two weeks, but hopefully it will be so warm that they will either melt or turn to rain. 

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