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Montreal Is Finally Fixing Its Pothole Problem

It's about time.
Montreal Is Finally Fixing Its Pothole Problem

Potholes are (and always have been) a point of hilarious frustration for Montrealers. By which I mean it's almost laughable how bad the potholes in the city can be.

Take the time a pothole swallowed a construction truck, as an example. You can't help but laugh and be scared for your life at the same time. But soon our fears (and nervous laughter) may be put to rest, thanks to a new initiative by the City of Montreal that seeks to solve the city's pothole problem.

Utilizing a new GPS technology, the City of Montreal will now begin tracking the mending of all potholes in the city, ensuring that all repair work lasts at least 30 days, reports JdM.

Apparently the folks contracted to fix the city's potholes have been fairly lax about the repairs themselves, thus the need for the GPS system, which is basically in place to make sure no shoddy work is done. It's about quality, not speed, after all.

When asked whether the city was screwed over with past pothole repair projects, Montreal's head of infrastructure Lionel Perez didn't say yes when speaking with JdM, but did follow up with how citizens will now be getting what they pay taxes for. Read between the lines.

Another feature of the pothole-GPS tech will allow the city to oversee the many streets of Montreal, and keep tabs on which are in the worst condition. With this info, city officials can better allocate repair teams on problem-roads in the summer time/construction season.

So will this be the final solution to the ever-present pothole problem in Montreal? Admittedly, probably not, but it's a step in the right direction, especially if it means not having to worry about being swallowed by a pothole when driving along the street.

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