Montreal Is Getting A Brand New "Lookout" At The Top Of Saint Joseph's Oratory

Montreal is looking to open up a new observatory at what will then be the highest lookout point in our city. 

Saint Joseph's Oratory has been under renovations that will resume this year and continue into 2020, culminating in the creation of an observatory at the top of the basilica. 

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The site will see illuminated spaces, a new pavilion and will be more inviting for pedestrians passing by through a redevelopment of the current landscaping. 

The final phase of this project will include the complete renovation of the Oratory Museum, from which visitors will have access to the space between the domes inside and outside to observe the basilica overhanging it.

The inter-dome will give access to "the highest window on Montreal", at the skylight of the basilica, which will offer a 360-degree view far beyond the limits of the metropolis.

This work will require a total investment of 80 million.

"The idea of making it accessible is part of the Oratory project from the very beginning, that we can make it a place where people can experience contemplation, prayer and then admiration for everything. which is beautiful in nature, "said Father Grou.