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Montreal Is Getting A Giant 3 Million Square Foot Mega Mall

The Town of Mount Royal's new billion dollar mall.
Montreal Is Getting A Giant 3 Million Square Foot Mega Mall

Photo cred - carbonleo via retail-insider

Consumerism is getting a big win on the Island of Montreal, for better or worse (definitely worse), thanks to a new plan for a Montreal mega mall. According to CBC, a brand new mega mall will be constructed in the Town of Mount Royal,  giving old people a route to walk and high schoolers a new place to kill time...yay?

UPDATE:News about "RoyalMount" - New Mega Mall to create 15000 jobs in Montreal!

Proposed, and to be built, by the same folks who constructed the Dix30 shopping complex in the South Shore, the new Montreal mega mall will have many of the same features. Expect a truckload of different store, a bunch of restos, a movie theatre, and on the positive/actually kind of cool end of things, green spaces and a concert hall.

In terms of specific details, the Dix30-esque mega mall will span a full 280,000 sq/ft and cost a whopping $1.6 billion to build on the SW corner of Autoroute 15 and Highway 40. Dumping a bunch of money into a shopping centre isn't the best use of money we can think of, but lets hope the City of Montreal, Town of Mount Royal, and the Dix30 folks really think of all the logistics to ensure this complex doesn't become a dead space in 2 years.

*Photo above is not of actual mall, but of Dix30, just to give you a mental picture of how it might look

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