Montreal Is Getting A "Giant Red Ball" This Month

The Red Ball Project bounces into Montreal.

If you see a gigantic crimson sphere at your metro station, La Banquise, or Place des Arts, do not fret. It isn't a colourful bomb or the egg of some alien creature, the big red ball is just part of the worldwide artistic initiative by Kurt Perschke, fittingly titled the Red Ball Project. Arriving in Montreal as part of Les Escales Improbables de Montréal art festival, exploring the city will become a whole new ball game.

Starting on August 31st 'til Sept 6th, Perschke will be setting up his big red ball all around the city, with the art installation moving to various spots on different days. Perschke hasn't yet given the ball's itinerary, but did tell Métro that he won't be focusing only on downtown. The red ball is meant to reengage citizens with all aspects of the city, so expect the ball to appear anywhere.

Perschke also promised that he will be launching the Red Ball Project in Montreal in an entirely new and exciting way. Other cities like Toronto, Paris, and Abu Dhabi have hosted the ball in the past, but Montreal's big red launch will be unlike anything done in the passed and is not to be missed. Big talk for a big red ball, lets hope Perschke can deliver.

Although the exact locations of the big red ball are unknown, clues have been given alluding to likely locations. On his first visit, Perschke did some sketching (as seen on Métro) of the red ball in Place des Arts and at Parc metro station. An FB video posted on the official Red Ball Project FB page reveals other likely candidates, like Mount Royal cemetery. Then there's this Twitter pic of Perschke at La Banquise, which would also be a cool spot for a big red ball.

To keep up to date on the Red Ball Project in Montreal, head to the official FB page, and also check in at the Les Escales Improbables de Montréal website for any updates as well.

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