Montreal Is Getting A "Goat Yoga" Festival Next Month

Everybody knows that practicing yoga regularly has an endless list of not only health benefits, but mental benefits as well.

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Yoga is a great way to manage stress and practice mindfulness, and you'll be toning and stretching your muscles at the same time. In my book, this is called a win/win.

That said, Montreal has a ton of yoga studios offering different styles and levels of yoga. Basically, there is no shortage of places to choose from.

However, no yoga experience quite compares to this unique 'goat' yoga gathering hosted by Chive Nation Montreal. 

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For the second time, Chive Nation Montreal is throwing a "goat yoga" charity event to raise money for service dogs.

The event will be held downtown on the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd from 11AM-4PM.

The price is $40 per person - remember this is for charity - which includes on-site parking, 50 minutes yoga session and 10 minutes of "meet and greets" with goats, and thank you gifts after the session.

There are different sessions to choose from on Saturday and Sunday so make sure to check out the Facebook event here to see which session fits your weekend schedule.

For more info check out Yoga Vieux Montreal's official site too!