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Montreal Is Getting A Mini-Cactus & Succulent Sale This Month

More plant friends!
Montreal Is Getting A Mini-Cactus & Succulent Sale This Month

Picture this: a room filled wall to wall with fresh and vibrant greenery. Prickly cacti, plump succulents, and leafy tropical greens, each one more beautiful and exotic and beautiful than the next.

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If you're a plant-lover like me, and plants are more like a house pet to you than an object, then this event will for sure resonate.

Plantzy Montreal is presenting a massive sale of indoor plants, that will include cactus, succulents. and tropical plants.

In addition, this will be more than just a plant market but a chance to mingle and drink with other plant-lovers like yourself, because this themed party will be serving bubbly refreshments and light snacks.

The event will be happening over a weekend of June 14th - 16th, so if you can't make it one day you can just go when it's fit for your schedule.

There will be plants for every budget and remember that the event organizers will only take cash or credit card as a method of payment, so hit the ATM beforehand.

Everything you need to know about the event:

Where: Plantzy Atelier // 5445 Av. De Gaspé 
When: June 14th, 15th, 16th 
What: Huge plant sale!

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If you want all the details, check out the Facebook eventHERE and call the cute plants on Platzy's Instagram HERE!

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