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Montreal Is Getting An All-New Cat Cafe

Cat art, cat furniture...and of course, cats!
Montreal Is Getting An All-New Cat Cafe

Montreal, coffee, and cats... these are just a few things that I love, and everyone around me knows it. 

I wouldn't go as far as to say these are "little-known facts" about me. Anybody who actually knows me can tell you this is a true fact. 

The Cat Café trend that has been going strong for years now is one trend I don't want to see die out - like, ever. Seriously, that will be a tragic day.

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I literally just went and bought myself a coffee to power through the afternoon, and spoke to my partner about our new little litter of kittens at home..., imagine my excitement when I came in and stumbled upon this incredible event at Montreal's new cat and coffee joint, Café Chato.

Via Cafe Chato

Café Chato will be opening up in Montreal's Sud-Ouest this coming May or June.

Before that glorious opening day, Café Chato welcomes you all to a market of artists and local artisans inspired by the world of cats. 

You will be able to find several types of cool creations like soft toys, cat accessories, and paintings. 

Most importantly, revenues from the April 22nd event will help finance the café's kitchen so they can be fully operational and open before summertime.

Leading up to the event they will be announcing artists and artisans bit-by-bit.

Via Cafe Chato

So far, they have confirmed a handful of artists that will have their products on hand for you to buy. 

Everything from cat-themed cards, and decor - to actual, legit cat decor and furniture!

So, this one is for the cat lovers and cat moms/dads out there who may want to bring something home for their special companion. 

If you are an artist and have something to contribute, Café Chato wants to hear from you! 

Via Cafe Chato

The event begins on Sunday, April 22 at 10 AM. 

Follow the event page for announcements right here.

Also, check out their Ulele page if you'd like to support!

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