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Montreal Is Getting An All-New "Doggy Café"

Coffee and canines.
Montreal Is Getting An All-New "Doggy Café"

Today a brand new "Doggy Café" is opening up in Montreal.

It's called Ruff Haus Cafe Canin and it's located on 3807 rue Wellington in Verdun.

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But it's not just a café packed with random dogs, owners are encouraged to bring their own pets. Sort of a BYOP system, which is great because there are so very few establishments in Montreal that let your bring your dog with you. 

The café is also a "doggy day care" so you can actually leave your dog there all day.

As they say on their Facebook page:

"Come all to the newest & coolest dog friendly Café and dog day care in the heart of Verdun!"

And they're not just relying on dogs to lure in customers, their menu looks amazing as well!

Check out their Facebook page or their website for more information.

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