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Montreal Is Getting An Entire Fleet Of Electric Taxis And You Can Be A Driver

It's like Uber, except greener.
Montreal Is Getting An Entire Fleet Of Electric Taxis And You Can Be A Driver

Montreal will be getting a bit more green next week thanks to the addition of a fleet of electrically-powered taxi cabs. Created and organized by Téo, a newly formed division of Taxi Hochelaga, the new project is the first of its kind in Montreal, and needs your help to happen.

Announced only this morning, Téo's fleet of electric taxis will hit the streets next Thursday, November 26th. 50 electric cabs will make up the first fleet, with Téo hoping to add more vehicles if the project is successful.

Officially, the fleet of electric taxis is being sanctioned as a "pilot project" that will only last three months. The city will decide if they want to continue (and further finance) the project after the three month stretch has ended.

An added benefit to Montrealers, especially those looking to make some more cash, is that Téo is actively looking for citizens to be a part of the project by working as drivers.

According to CBC, Téo has promised all drivers a base rate of $15/hour, with added benefits. Pretty much anyone can apply to be a driver, with an open casting call set up on Téo's website.

Two different styles of Téo cars will be available to drivers and customers alike. You can ride in a simple green Téo (in Nissan Leaf, Tesla, and Kia Seoul models) or kick up the class a bit with a black Tesla Téo, which lacks the somewhat showy yellow Videotron sign on the top of the car.

No price difference has been listed for either car, though it wouldn't be too large of a stretch to imagine that the black Tesla cars, which are a bit less conspicuous, will be a bit pricier.

Taking a note from Uber, Téo promises users an "efficient mobile app" equipped with a simply mobile payment system, so you don't have to worry about carrying cash or cards. Free Wi-Fi has also been advertised in vehicles, along with on-board tablets, though the latter has been listed as "coming soon."

For more info on Téo, or to apply to become a driver, head to the taxi company's official website here.

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