Montreal Is Getting Another 20cm Snowstorm Tomorrow

At 4:57 AM on Tuesday, February 19th the Weather Network updated their forecast for Montreal, and it doesn't look good. It seems like we barely started hauling away all the snow we got hit with last week, and now only a few short days later and we're going to have to start all over again.

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TL;DR  Montreal is expecting a 20cm snowstorm beginning Wednesday evening and continuing into Thursday. Some of it might fall as freezing rain.

We've had so much snow so far in February that Environment Canada literally started their snowstorm alert with "More snow"

"More snow between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon.

A low pressure system with a potential of 10 to 20 centimetres of snow will affect Southern Quebec beginning Wednesday night." Environment Canada

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But just to make things interesting, there's also going to be another quick temperature change this week. Wednesday will be -6°C, but Thursday will be +3°C which means that some that precipitation could turn into freezing rain.

It also means that Montreal will once again be turned into a giant messy puddle that's going to freeze back over on Friday.