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Montreal Is Getting Electric BIXI Bikes

This is going to be awesome!
Montreal Is Getting Electric BIXI Bikes

Montreal's BIXI bike sharing service is pretty awesome, but sometimes a bike just isn't enough.

The downtown core is full of steep streets that can be really hard to climb, reaching the top of Mont-Royal is insanely hard for someone who isn't used to it, and sometimes it's simply too hot outside to ride a bike.

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But soon those problems will be a thing of the past because BIXI has announced that they will be deploying electric BIXI bikes this summer in Montreal!

The electric bikes will be hitting the streets in August as part of a pilot project. To start, Montreal will be testing 40 electric bikes and 3 new "Charging Stations".

So far there's no word on how exactly this will be regulated. Beijing's E-bikes require a license to drive, and the bikes can't go faster than 15km/h, so maybe Montreal will need to introduce a similar system.


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