Montreal Is Getting Heated Sidewalks On Sainte-Catherine Street

The long wait is finally over.

No longer will we have to walk like penguins, no longer will our butts be bruised by the sidewalk, and no longer shall we suffer the embarrassment of slipping in front of a bunch of strangers.

At least not when you'll be shopping on Saint Catherine street.

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Last year, Montreal announced they would be moving forward with their project to install heated sidewalks on Saint-Catherine street and the work is supposed to start in 2018.

That means the sidewalks would always be clear of snow and ice and they will no longer have to be plowed or salted. This will extend their lifespan and offset the installation cost.

Plus it would encourage people to shop more in the winter.

The first phase of the work is a 670 km stretch between Bleury Street and Mansfield.