Montreal Is Getting An Ice Storm This Weekend, Quebec Is Getting A Snow Storm

It may be raining out there, but enjoy the warm weather while you can because we're in for a hectic day tomorrow. 

As The Weather Network puts it: "Winter will do its best to show its ugly side across parts of Quebec once again."

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This Saturday many parts of Quebec will hit with a huge storm. Over the weekend we can expect rain, freezing rain and some snow too.

A system coming in from the US will push into Quebec and when it gets here it's going to dump 10-20cm of snow on Quebec and anywhere between 10-12mm of ice rain over Montreal.

Driving conditions are expected to be extremely difficult this weekend. Here is map that shows the areas that are going to be hit the worse: 

Via theweathernetwork

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If it's any consolation, next week it's going to be 13°C and sunny in Montreal next week, so we only have only miserable week left to get through before we can finally enjoy some relatively normal spring conditions.