Montreal Is Getting It's First-Ever "Indian Street Food" Restaurant

A truly authentic taste of India.
Montreal Is Getting It's First-Ever "Indian Street Food" Restaurant

Woo-hoo, Indian food! 

I've said it before, and I don't think I can say it enough. Montreal's food game is LIT. I don't think I've been to another city that is as culturally diverse as Montreal - especially when you're talking about the food. 

Every year, Montreal plays host to all sorts of food and cultural festivals. From Taste of the Caribbean, to newer festivals like the recently announced Festival of India, it seems that every other week is a chance to try something new and take in some deliciousness of another culture. 

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Over here at MTL Blog, we often poke around Instagram to see what cool stuff is happening, and more specifically what cool restaurants have delectable looking dishes served up on their social channels. 

We stumbled upon something the other day and judging by how excited you all were that a free Indian food festival is hitting the 514, I think you're gonna to be mad excited!

It's no secret that if you want to have a truly genuine foodie experience for any culture, the best thing to do is go to that country. Like, Chinatown in Montreal has some incredible, authentic Chinese food, but have you ever wondered about how things might taste overseas?

Indian food is something that I love very deeply, and I've spoken to many friends who had moved here from India or came with their family, that have cooked up some of the most incredible homemade Indian food for me (I know, lucky right?).

I'm always treated to stories about the street-food culture in India, and how impressive it can be. Just looking at photos has my mouth watering and is making me crave a second lunch. 

Well, I am pleased to tell you that pretty soon Montreal will be getting it's very own authentic Indian Street-Food style restaurant! 

Yes, the tastes of the streets of India is coming to Montreal! It's time for butter chicken to take a back seat. 

Though there is not much information available yet, SpiceBros MTL will soon open to the public and bring with it an authentic Indian street food experience. You'll be able to enjoy this new Montreal food gem this month!

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You should follow their Instagram to keep up with updates, and check out their official Facebook page, too. I promise I will be back to tell you more as soon as I know it. 

Trust that I will find out everything I can, ASAP!

In the meantime, don't sleep on Montreal's new India Cultural Festival happening this summer!

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