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Montreal Is Getting Its First-Ever Japanese Cheese Cake Shop

Japan's most popular dessert is here!
Montreal Is Getting Its First-Ever Japanese Cheese Cake Shop

If you're a dessert person you're probably also a cheesecake person. A sweet treat like no other, cheesecake is decadent and indulgent.

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But no cheesecake can compare to the very special and unique recipe from Uncle Tetsu, a Japanese cheesecake company that has been making their own version of cheesecake for 25-years.

Uncle Tetsu has expanded from Japan to Canada and has several stores open in Toronto and surrounding suburbs, but now, they are officially coming to Montreal, and we're so excited!

Walking down Pierce street downtown we spotted an Uncle Tetsu sign and they are opening soon, in June to be exact.

Via uncletestu

That's because this cheesecake is unlike any other you've tried before. They confidently claim that it's " Mellow yet rich, smooth and creamy, every bite melts in your mouth." 

This cheesecake-style is so good that it gets knocked off and copied by other wannabe cheesecake makers. The company claims "There are “Uncle Tetsu impersonators” out there…but there’s only one REAL Uncle Tetsu and Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake."

@uncletetsucanadaembedded via  

We can't wait to check it out and have a bite. Not only does Uncle Tetsu have cheesecake but other specialty drinks and items. To eat in the restaurants or to take out in their very cute bags.

For more info on Uncle Tetsu Canada click HERE.

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