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Montreal Is Getting It's First-Ever "Japanese Hot-Dog" Restaurant

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Montreal Is Getting It's First-Ever "Japanese Hot-Dog" Restaurant

The street food trend that has taken over Japan has now arrived in Montreal and opened it's doors to our people!

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HOTTO DOGGU  a restaurant chain straight from Japan that makes Japanese-style hot dogs is now available and open for business on the Saint-Catherine west right in downtown Montreal. 

Via hottodoggucanada

Well actually, these aren't hot dogs as much as they are mind-blowing Japanese-inspired sandwiches shaped like hot dogs, but they look insanely delicious. For example, you can get a Karaage chicken with Japanese slaw, Teriyaki sausage, and even a spicy ramen sandwich.

Remeber, this is "street food" style food. It's easy to eat, very savory, filling, and indulgent. And also keep in mind, most of these sandwiches come with meat, so if your veg or vegan you might not find a wide array of options here when it comes to sandwiches, but they do have other original menu items like onigiris and salads.

Via hottodoggucanada

Needless to say, this spot is a must-try for all street food lovers in Montreal or anyone looking for a unique food experience. 

For more info on HOTTO DOGGU check out their official Facebook page HERE

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