Montreal Is Getting Ready For Terrorist Attacks At Festivals

In the aftermath of violent terrorist attacks around the world, Montreal is doing all it can to prevent anything similar from happening here. 

Major festivals and events in Montreal are now required to set up extra security measures to obstruct cars, thus preventing vehicle-related attacks, as happened in Barcelona yesterday. 

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Pride Montreal tripled its security budget this year in light of the possibility of potential terrorist attacks, reports La Presse

For example, concrete blocks on Saint Catherine St. (hidden inside sleek black boxes) were set up as a barrier to vehicles entering The Village. 

The SPVM is quite aware of the possibility of a terrorist attack in Montreal and have been providing festival-organizers with strategies to prevent a vehicle-related attack. 

When speaking to La Presse, the SPVM said it was confident current measures will be enough to respond to a potential terrorist attack. 

Unfortunately, major Montreal events aren't getting any funding from the city for these extra security measures.  

Since road-blocks and similar safety measures are being set up to protect citizens of Montreal, it does make sense that the municipal government would fit the bill, as some business leaders are pushing for. 

But regardless of who's paying for it, rest a little easier knowing that Montreal is prepared for potential terrorist attack. I know I'll be having a happier Pride weekend with this in mind.