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Montreal Is Getting Snow This Weekend And My Spirit Is Officially Shattered

How could Spring do this to us?
Montreal Is Getting Snow This Weekend And My Spirit Is Officially Shattered

I know I'm not the only one who woke up this morning and was absolutely devasted that I had to pull my big dumb winter coat back out of the closet, after thinking I'd tucked it away in there for good.

So I truly had a fit when I read that The Weather Network is forecasting SNOW for this weekend in Montreal...

I mean... how could they do this to us?

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TL;DR According to The Weather Network, Montreal can expect wet snow this weekend and parts of Northern Quebec could see up to 10 cm of snow.

I know I'm mostly to blame for preemptively pulling out my jean jacket yesterday, thinking we were really moving on from these miserable cold, grey, windy days. 

But I went and picked up my bike from La Bicycletterie JR on rue Rachel yesterday after they tuned it up real nice for me and I just couldn't help myself. I put the winter coat away, thinking I was free from its stronghold.

So I was pretty shocked this morning when I saw the temperature had dropped back down below zero again and I knew my denim didn't stand a chance.

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Even worse, according toThe Weather Network, parts of Quebec will likely see snow this weekend... so essentially Spring is on hiatus until further notice. Great.

Northern Quebec could see 10 cm or more and Montreal is guaranteed to see precipitation. Whether it becomes snow will depend on temperature. 

Meteorologist Jaclyn Whittal of The Weather Networks explains, "Along the St. Lawrence, we will see the temperatures sitting around the zero-degree mark, and this will keep the precipitation as possible wet snow for the Friday commute home."

There is some sunshine at the end of the weekend tunnel, though. The Weather Network forecasts that Saturday should be "Mainly sunny" and, don't hold your breath, but the forecasted high is 11°.

Sunday will also bring some sun, though there is a chance of showers and the high is only 8°.

Stay strong, Montreal. We'll be prancing through the parks in sweltering heat in no time.


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