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Montreal Is Going To Be Colder Than Russia This Weekend

After snow melted last week and we got a few spikes of warmer temperatures, we were all convinced that winter would officially be canceled this year. No one was complaining though, because seriously, we're all exhausted with this freezing weather.

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TL;DR Montreal is going to experience temperatures that feel as cold as -22°C this weekend, while Moscow, Russia will at its coldest feel like -14°C.

Well, then it began to snow in the city yesterday, and not just a few snowflakes either. It got REALLY cold outside, which may have peaked your curiosity just a little bit about this weekends conditions.

If you were hoping for some sort of miracle that would allow conditions to warm up over the next few days, you're in for a very unpleasant surprise.

Via The Weather Network

Beginning today and lasting throughout the weekend, the entire city is going to freeze over. Seriously people, it's going to feel like -22°C this afternoon alone! Temperatures will primarily stay in the negative teens over the weekend, but it's going to feel a lot colder than that.

Not convinced? Well, what about when you find out that Montreal is actually going to be WAY colder than Moscow, Russia this weekend?

Via The Weather Network

If you're not totally impressed by this fact, Montreal is also going to be colder than Anchorage, Alaska this weekend. So, it's official, the city is going to experience a winter apocalypse this weekend. 

Unfortunately, temperatures in the city won't really be back to normal until next Thursday. Next Friday will reach a pretty decent 0°C  and for December, we'll probably all appreciate just as much as a tropical paradise right now.


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