Montreal Is Going To Be Completely F*cked Up This Weekend

I'd steer clear of all these roads.
Montreal Is Going To Be Completely F*cked Up This Weekend

It's no secret that construction and construction-related road closures are the name of the Montreal game, every year.

Lots of Montrealers think of only 2 seasons in a year... winter, and construction.

Since Plante took power in Montreal, the construction seen happening around town spiked in the winter season, too! St. Catherine W has been closed on, and off for a ton of construction... but hey, at least they're getting things done?

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Since it is now warmer (okay, maybe it's not warmer, but there is less snow!), the amount of construction is just going to increase more and more.

This weekend, particularly, is going to get pretty f*cked if you're driving on the Turcot.

Check out the map of closures above, and see the official post from Transport Quebec right here.

The Ville-Marie westbound road, and it's companion road 136 west, will be closed all through Robert Bourassa Blvd. to the Ville St. Pierre Interchange from 11:59 p.m Friday to Monday morning art 5:00 a.m.

Ville-Marie eastbound will also be closed between the Turcot and the Ville-Marie tunnel. 

A big chunk of the 20 HWY from Angrignon's exit and entrance will be shut down as well. Additionally, several access ramps will also see closures for the majority of the weekend. 

The entrance at Rode-de-Lima to the Ville-Marie west will close starting at 10 p.m. Friday (tonight), and at midnight the Decarie south ramp to the 20 west will close, as will the 20 east ramp to Decarie north. 

Further out on the eastside, the Jacques-Cartier Bridge will see closures on the south exits to highway 132, east and west, as of Friday at 10 p.m. (tonight) all weekend until the crack of dawn Monday morning (5 a.m.).

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So remember, drivers of Montreal... plan ahead, factor in extra time on your route, and as always, drive safe!

Or, just say screw it to all of this nonsense and take a metro.

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