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Montreal Is Going To Be Hit By "Flash" Ice Rain Today

The dangerous ice is here to stay.
Montreal Is Going To Be Hit By "Flash" Ice Rain Today

We're all well aware by now that Mother Nature has seemed incredibly confused this season. From heavy blizzards to sheets of ice, non-stop rain and unexpected days of warm-ish weather, Montrealers are basically prepared for every possible season by now. 

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TL;DR The Weather Network issued an alert for Montreal this morning that advises freezing rain will arrive in the city by 10:00AM that is expected to only last for about an hour. More details below.

Last night welcomed blankets of snow across the city, the perfect weather for staying indoors and enjoying how pretty it looks outside. Well, the few hours of actual winter we just got are about to come to a stop, as The Weather Network just reported that the city is in for some freezing rain by 10:00AM today.

As if we didn't have enough ice to navigate walking through every day, another layer is about to cover the city after the freezing temperatures and even more dangerous rain take over Montreal.

Surprisingly, there is some news that can be considered on the "bright side." The unwelcome weather is only coming in one wave, meaning our flash freezing rain is expected to depart by 10:50AM. 

Although the city will still be plagued with the new ice and freezing temperatures that will reach what feels like -9°C, at least we won't be dealing with the rain and ice pellets all day long.

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For the next few hours you'll definitely want to stay indoors, as there is absolutely no benefit to going outside during one of the most hated weather patterns in the city.

Stay tuned for more information on Montreal's extreme weather warnings.


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