Montreal Is Going To Be Hit With 10cm Of Snow Next Week

The first big snowfall of the year.
Montreal Is Going To Be Hit With 10cm Of Snow Next Week

The last few weeks in Montreal have been cold and rainy with the occasional flurry. But unlike most of Canada, we've been lucky when it comes to snow.

We're pretty much the only ones who haven't seen any "real" snow this year, but sadly that's about to come to an end. 

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Next week Montreal is expecting a lot of snow.  In fact it's going to snow almost every day starting Monday, November 12.  

TL;DR Listed montreal is expecting up to 10 cm of snow between Monday november 12th and Friday November 16th.

We're expecting:

  • 2-4cm on Monday
  • 2-4 cm on Tuesday
  • Flurries on Wednesday
  • 1-3 cm on Thursday
  • Light snow on Friday.

Altogether we'll be getting between 5-11cm of snow. 

Via theweathernetwork

Via theweathernetwork

If this news makes you sad, don't worry too much. The snow should be spread out enough that it shouldn’t cause too much mischief on the roads.

And if you're feeling lazy, take comfort in the fact that you won't have to shovel any of the snow off the ground, because most of it will probably melt away pretty quickly. 


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