Montreal Is Going To Be Hit With 20cm Of Snow Tomorrow

Yes... again!
Montreal Is Going To Be Hit With 20cm Of Snow Tomorrow

In case you haven't noticed, Montreal is a complete mess right now. Sure, we may have gotten rid of most of the snow but right now the city is still covered with big dirty chunks of ice.

The streets are covered in packed, unevenly melted ice that makes is feel like you're driving on a gravel road, the sidewalks are completely covered and nearly every street corner in the city is dangerous and slippery. 

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TL;DR Montreal is expecting between 15 and 20 of snow begining on Tuesday. 

What's worse is that until the weather gets warmers, there's just no way to get rid of all that ice. They've tried. 

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When you look at the sidewalks you can see insane amount of salt and gravel that’s already been poured onto it. But when it gets this cold, the salt melts into the ice which then immediately freezes back over. 

To make things worse, there is yet another big snowstorm headed towards Montreal! 

Beginning on Tuesday we're expecting between 15 and 20 cm of snow with very low visibility as well as blowing snow in the afternoon.

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And this won't be a slow, gradual snowfall, according to Environement Canada there will be a rapid accumulation of snow which is sure to cause a lot of problems on the roads.

 Stay safe! 


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