By now, you've probably all heard of this so-called "bomb cyclone" that's sweeping across the American Midwest.  The storm slowly creeps its way up north while the people down there are struggling with blizzard snowfall and extreme winds today. Don't worry, though, it'll dump a lot of its snowfall over the States. 

Starting tonight at around 10ish, the remnants of the "bomb cyclone" will begin tracking into parts of Ontario and Western Quebec, bringing rainfall, warm temperatures, and strong wind gusts. The nasty stuff will begin on Friday morning. 

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TL;DR  Leftover wind and rain from the historic "bomb cyclone" will track into Quebec starting Thursday night and will continue into Friday, bringing heavy winds and rain. Temperatures will hover at around 10 degrees, causing a whole lot of slushy, melty garbage in the streets. 

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Some parts of Southern Ontario are already seeing some rain and winds, with up to 5 to 10 mm of rainfall expected over the afternoon. The storm will begin tracking into Quebec sometime later tonight, bringing up to 15 mm of rain in some Northern regions. 

The storm will bring powerful winds to the area, with gusts up to 77km/hour in Montreal on Friday. Officials say to be on alert for blowing debris and to be careful in the meltwater. They also warn home and business owners to clear the snow off their roofs to avoid potential collapses. 

Via The Weather Network

Despite the wind and rain, the storm will bring mild temperatures throughout the province, with Montreal projected to be 10 degrees all day on Friday. 

The mild weather is expected to linger around into the weekend, along with the rain. While the major part of the storm will be gone by Friday night, there could be a risk of rain/snow mix on Saturday.  

Because of the sudden warm up, officials warn of flash flooding in some low-lying areas of the city, so if you live in a flood-risk area, be sure to stay alert. 

Everything will go back to normal on Sunday, with temperatures expected to drop back down to seasonal averages. Keep in mind that if the worst happens and things freeze over, it'll be quite hazardous getting around.

I know we're all eagerly waiting for the arrival of warmer weather, but if we can just hang on for a little longer, we'll be in the clear! 

Don't put the boots and jackets away yet, Montreal! Good luck out there tomorrow.