Montreal Is Going To Be Very Warm Next Week

Photo cred - turbulentflow

So it would seem Montreal can't make up its mind (no surprise there) about many things, but more specifically, the damn weather. First we told you that it would be warm which had us all rejoicefully frolicking about and hailing the gods of mercy. Then Mother Nature had to snow on our parade and we told you that you'll still be freezing your balls off for the rest of March.

Well, it seems the roller-coaster of emotions is not over yet, as Montreal temperatures will be climbing again starting next Monday, when the mercury should be on the positive side for a least a few days.

While we try our best not to be in the business of flip-flopping with your feels, you can't deny this is great news. We are just telling it like it is.

These are downright tropical temperatures by Montreal standards, so while there are still 4 days of asshole cold to deal with, we at least have something to look forward to next week.