Montreal Is Going To Break The All-Time Coldest Temperature Record Tonight

It's beginning to look a lot like...

...well, not Christmas. But it's definitely starting to look like winter out there.

At 5:00 AM EST on Tuesday 13 November 2018, Environment Canada updated their forecast for the city of Montreal and the news isn't very good.

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TL;DR  The coldest temperature on record for Montreal on November 13 was -10C back in 1986. Tonight, Montreal will feel like -20°C with the windchill  

In addition to the snow and rain we're going to be seeing for most of the day, tonight’s forecast looks pretty bleak.

We're getting a low of -10°C overnight which would tie the all-time coldest temperature record from 1986. 

If you thought that was bad, I actually have some worse news. It's going to feel much colder out there tonight. We’re also expecting high winds, which means it's going to feel twice as cold as it actually is. 

Montreal is expecting an overnight low of -20°C with the windchill. 


We're also expecting up to 20cm of snow on Friday

Here are some more historical weather stats for November 13th:

  • In 1942 Montreal got 6.6 cm of snow
  • In 1968 there was 18 cm of snow covering the city
  • and in 1945 the temperature was 17.7C 


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