Montreal Is Going To Break The All-Time Heat Record Today

I know it looks cold and grey outside this morning, but don't let appearances fool you because it’s going to be a hot one. 

Sure we may be well into October but we won't be seeing "seasonal temperatures" today. 

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Normally at this time of the year the average high is only 14.1°C and so far today we already hot 15°C.

The record for the hottest temperature ever recorded in Montreal on October 9th was 25°C in 1958. Today temperatures are expected to hit well above 25°C. And with the humidex it's going to feel like 34°C!

Via theweathernetwork

Meanwhile Ontario has snow warning in effect so I guess a tiny bit of drizzle isn't so bad after all. 

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But don't celebrate just yet because it definitely won't be prettiest day, which is sad because this may very well be the last hot day we see before winter.

Then again, the weather has been so crazy lately who knows what kind of weird forecasts we'll be seeing this year. 


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