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Montreal Is Going To Experience The Warmest Weather On Record In 28 Years Today

Climate change is real.
Montreal Is Going To Experience The Warmest Weather On Record In 28 Years Today

It's been a rollercoaster of a winter. We hit some freezing temperatures, which stuck around for much longer than we wanted them to. Now, we are in the middle of a thaw that has created puddles the size of small lakes that would easily swallow up a small dog.

Montrealers love to complain about the weather, but here's some good news to brighten your day: though it might be slushy and gray, it's a nice, balmy day out there.

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TL;DR It is 7 degrees today, and it has not been this warm on this day in Montreal since 1991. 

So warm, in fact, that we're close to record-breaking temperatures. The last time it was this warm on February 5 in Montreal was 1991. That's right, almost 30 YEARS ago.

According to Weather Canada, the highest recorded temperature on this day is 7 degrees. Today is on par with that weather: both the real and feels-like temperature is 7 degrees.

Via Photo 110119901 © Evgenii Ivanov -

This high temperature will not last long, however: temperatures are expected to drop tomorrow, which will lead to frozen roads and sidewalks. 

Via Accuweather

So, let's enjoy this tropical weather while we have it. Enjoy walking on the sidewalks today, because we all know that even if the sidewalks are bad today, they're going to be even worse tomorrow.

This is the latest turn in a strange few weeks of weather for Montreal and Canada as a whole. As a polar vortex continues to sweep the country, record low temperatures are lingering in Ontario and the Prairies.

This strange weather mixture is definitely not a symptom of healthy climate trends.

Stay tuned for mor weather news.


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